Digital Workshop with Harald Krüger Okt 2021

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"The only constant in the universe is change“ - This insight by Heraclitus of Ephesus (Greek philosopher, ca. 500 B.C.) is still relevant today, also when it comes to the economy.

The complexity of our work environment is constantly increasing. The expectations of the various stakeholders are constantly evolving. In combination with changing market forces, technological innovations, and changing corporate and work cultures, this is resulting in an increasingly rapid multidimensional upheaval in our working world. Actively shaping this transformation is one of the special challenges. But how can such a transformation be actively and purposefully structured?

Find out together with someone who should know: Harald Krüger!

Thanks to his successful work in the highest management levels, Harald Krüger has a wealth of experience in all areas of responsibility at an international DAX company (BMW) and he knows how to structure a goal-oriented transformation.

The ProdE Profile Area invites RWTH Master & PhD students to share the interesting and far-reaching experiences of our well-known alumnus Harald Krüger and find out how to manage transformation. In a subsequent discussion, the participants will have the opportunity to address questions to Mr. Krüger