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Sebastian Barth

Managing Director Project House ACTurbo


+49 241 80 28183



Projekthaus ACTurbo – Aachen Center for Turbomachinery Manufacturing

The objective of the project house ACTurbo is the concentration of the integrative as well as interdisciplinary top-level research for the production and repair of turbomachines in Aachen. The project house is part of the action plan in the stragegy process of the profile area Production Engineering derived. The future goal is the realisition of the mission statement of a digital connecet production of the product turbomachine.

Project House ACTurbo


Production for the Building Production of Tomorrow

Building production and the operation of buildings have a decisive influence on climate protection due to their responsibility of 40 percent of the global annual energy consumption. With new approaches for planning, production and recycling of buildings, a major contribution can be made to save energy and meet the global challenges. The goal of the project house "Production for the Construction of Tomorrow" is to bundle the research competences existing at RWTH Aachen University in the area of sustainable and future-oriented building production .