About ProdE

Picture Impuls © Copyright: Sebastian Apelt

The manufacturing industry is the basis for employment and prosperity in Germany and thus provides the necessary conditions for managing global challenges. The strength and pioneering role in production technology that Germany has built up over decades and the associated production research must not only be secured as a result of the dynamic environment, but also expanded, especially with a view to global issues and challenges.

The ProdE profile area combines the excellence of the Aachen area in the field of production research and aims to increase its national and international visibility in science and industry. It networks their members and thus supports the entire RWTH to better understand and evaluate current and future trends at the interfaces of technology, science, economy and society as input for future research ideas and initiatives! In order to implement the vision of sustainable production of tomorrow, the ProdE profile area integrates relevant research fields such as digitalization, the energy and mobility revolution, ecological construction and biotechnology across faculties and with the involvement of non-university institutions

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